Board of Commissioners

The work of 3ie is overseen by a Board of Commissioners, which is elected by the members.

The board comprises eleven members, representing different backgrounds, including policymakers from developing countries and high-profile representatives who help promote 3ie.


Richard Manning completes his term as chair of the 3ie Board of Commissioners
Richard Manning, the present chair of the 3ie Board of Commissioners will be completing his five-year term on 31 May.
Message of appreciation from the 3ie executive director
During a dinner on the eve of the last Board meeting that he was to chair, Richard Manning was treated to a surprise farewell concert featuring a clarinet and string quintet. When he, an accomplished cellist, then gamely accepted the quintet’s invitation to join them, he left behind an enduring image. Here was someone who, at a moment’s notice, could step up, with a smile, and share with us his commensurate skills and expertise. There is nothing he can’t do elegantly and well.

Richard leaves an indelible and profound imprint on 3ie during his five-year tenure as chair of our Board of Commissioners. Among his many contributions during this important phase of our growth, three stand out. First, under his leadership, 3ie’s board has been highly effective in providing strategic guidance and supporting 3ie management. This, no doubt, has been due in great part to Richard’s skill, honed during a sterling career with OECD-DAC and the British civil service among other places, in decisively steering discussions, making sense of seemingly dispersed discussions and providing clear follow-up to his fellow commissioners, as well as to 3ie management. 

Second, his stature in the field of development burnished 3ie’s brand as a global trendsetter in impact evaluation and systematic reviews. Richard’s reputation and contacts as a renowned figure in the tough business of fighting worldwide poverty opened many doors for 3ie among donors and L&MICs alike. Richard continues to be a relentless champion for 3ie, as is obvious in the closing remarks at the 3ie Washington Evidence Week 2017(watch the video) .

Third, and not least, Richard has been a mentor and role model to me and the rest of the management and staff at 3ie. He is the consummate professional whose passion for bringing evidence to decision-making has been an inspiration to us all.
Richard, we will miss you


Mario Marcel

Patricia Rader (US) Institutional Representative, governmental donors

Photo © World Bank

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