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This call is closed. CABI sought applications from qualified teams to conduct evaluations of its Plantwise programme.

The deadline for applications was June 15, 2013. Qualified teams were invited to send in their applications before the deadline.

Read Request for Qualifications (980.0 KB)

About CABI's Plantwise programme

Plantwise is an innovative global partnership programme, led by CABI, which aims to connect male and female farmers to the information they need enabling them to lose less, grow more and improve the quality of their crops. By collating knowledge and putting the right knowledge into the hands of the right people, Plantwise helps farmers gather data which can assist trade and policy making on a global scale.

Pilot activities have been scaled up in 14 countries, and expanded to new countries with the aim of reaching over 5 million farmers in up to 40 countries with relevant actionable advice on plant health by the end of 2016. Countries with the largest scale of investment over the next 3 years include Kenya, Rwanda, Sierra Leone and Uganda.

The impact evaluation needs to measure the effect of Plantwise on capacity building, institutional change, farmer behaviour and agricultural productivity.

Guidance documents

These were the guidance documents for preparing the application.

Application forms

3ie application template (2.6 MB)

3ie organisation information form (25.9 KB)

GDN 3ie preparation grant administration agreement template (313.0 KB)

GDN 3ie grant administration agreement template (527.7 KB)

Grantee budget template (264.5 KB)

Review criteria (465.7 KB)

Photo © Anne Wangalachi/CIMMYT

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