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Call for expressions of interest to research productivity improvement in the private and public sectors, The Global Development Network

The Global Development Network has launched a call for expressions of interest for research teams interested in producing high-quality research to document the increase in productivity at the firm level through the implementation of different management methods like Kaizen, the Japanese style management approach. Four selected teams will receive up to USD 40,000 to conduct research projects under GDN’s program, Productivity Improvement in the Private and Public Sector: Roles and Lessons from Kaizen approaches.

Through this program, and in partnership with the JICA-Research Institute (JICA-RI), GDN intends to document the relationship between management methods and productivity at the firm level. GDN and JICA-RI aim to address the need to address the lack of contextualized knowledge on managerial capital and interactions with policies to enhance productivity growth. The partnership will draw on different cases to document what has been done to enrich our shared knowledge of initiatives in the public or the private sector to boost productivity and the role of policies to support them, with a focus on the Japanese managerial philosophy and method, Kaizen.

The deadline for expressions of interest is 6 April 2017, 6pm IST (Indian Standard Time)

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Published on: 24 mar 2017

Invitation to tender by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC

The proposed impact evaluation will examine the expected and unexpected effects of educational alternatives supported by the Programme d’Appui à l’Education et à la Formation des Enfants exclus du système éducatif (PAEFE). The PAEFE, which is implemented in many communities in the provinces of Borgou and Alibori, aims to support the implementation of educational alternatives adapted to the socio-economic realities of the environment for 9-15 year olds excluded from the formal education system. The programme is likely to be generalized or to serve as a model at the national level.

The documentation is available at www.simap.ch (Project ID: 152558)

(French version)

Appel d’offre de la  Direction du développement et de la coopération (DDC) – Suisse

„Evaluation d’impact en éducation de base PAEFE (Programme d’Appui à l’Education et à la Formation des Enfants exclus du système éducatif) Bénin“

Résumé: L’évaluation d’impact proposée examinera les effets attendus et non attendus des alternatives éducatives appuyées par le  Programme d’Appui à l’éducation et à la formation des enfants exclus du système éducatif (PAEFE).  Le PAEFE, qui est mis en œuvre dans de nombreuses communautés des provinces de Borgou et de l’Alibori – au Benin, vise à appuyer la mise en œuvre d'offres d'éducation et de formation adaptées aux réalités socio-économiques locaux pour les enfants de 9 à 15 ans exclus du système éducatif formel. Le programme est susceptible d'être généralisés ou de servir de modèle au niveau national.

La documentation est disponible sur le site www.simap.ch (ID du projet: 152558)

Délai de clôture pour le dépôt des offres: 24 April 2017

Published on: 15 mar 2017

Travel funds for attending conferences, policy workshops and technical meetings from Population and Poverty Research Network

Population and Poverty Research Network (PoPov) with funding form Hewlett Foundation is proving travel funding for researchers to attend or present at conferences, policy workshops, and technical meetings. Priority is given to PopPov researchers, as well as PopPov core thematic issues and sharing of research results to policy audiences. The deadline for applications is 1 June and funding will be awarded on a rolling basis.

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Published on: 13 feb 2017

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