Commitment to Evaluation

Commitment to Evaluation is a peer learning mechanism spearheaded by 3ie for learning from the evaluation practices of its members.

Lessons learned from evaluations are often not taken into account by implementing agencies when designing or implementing a programme. The same mistakes are often repeated. To address this issue and help build a culture of using evaluations, 3ie is piloting a voluntary peer learning mechanism to learn from the evaluation practices of its members and encourage the use of evidence in policy and practice.

Why a peer learning mechanism?

The aim is to learn from the evaluation practices of our members and strengthen their commitment to evidence informed policymaking. Through a series of study tours and learning events, 3ie is hoping to promote good practices and methods, and generate a common framework to measure the production and use of high quality evidence.

This initiative emerges from the decision endorsed by the 3ie Board of Commissioners and a broader advisory group, as well as the interest expressed by stakeholders during the High Level Developing Country Stakeholder Consultation in Rome in April 2012.

The framework

Two exploratory papers inform the framework for the peer learning mechanism:

An advisory working group with high level representatives from DFID, Norad, OECD, Uganda Office of the Prime Minister, CONEVAL in Mexico, World Bank Independent Evaluation Group, China Agriculture University, and CGD was also consulted.

Learning from study tours

The Office of the Prime Minister hosted the first pilot peer learning as part of its evaluation week from March 4-7, 2013. 

During the visit, the peer learning team reviewed the evaluation systems of the Government of Uganda, and drew lessons from high-profile evaluations conducted by the Office of the Prime Minister. A learning report will be presented and discussed at the 5th members conference in London in April, 2013.

Read Peer Learning Report (435.7 KB)

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