3ie London Evidence Week Seminar

Some reflections on impact evaluation, as practised in epidemiology and economics

Venue: MAL B20, Birkbeck, Malet St, London
Date: 12 April, 17:30-18:30

In this talk, James Hargreaves, director of the Centre for Evaluation at LSHTM provided some observations from recent work on the ways in which his own discipline, epidemiology, and the discipline of economics differently conceptualised, designed and interpreted impact evaluation studies, particularly ones using randomisation. The talk drew on several examples, including a recent cross-disciplinary replication study of deworming interventions, which appeared to highlight some areas of difference. He also spoke about areas of convergence between the disciplines in recent years and the potential for advances in the future.

This event was not recorded. The presentation and a report on the talk will soon be uploaded. 

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