3ie Delhi seminars 2014

The 3ie Delhi Seminar Series aims to enhance effectiveness of policy and practice through impact evaluations. Discussions at these monthly seminars focus on evidence from impact evaluations, systematic reviews and how it affects policy. Conceptual and methodological issues are also debated here.

Past seminars

Do electoral politics matter in MGNREGS implementation? Evidence from village council elections in West Bengal by Prof. Kunal Sen, University of Manchester, 16 December

Is laser land leveling a viable technology option for farmers? Evidence from Uttar Pradesh, India by Prof. Travis Lybbert, University of California, Davis, and David J Spielman, Senior Research Fellow, International Food Policy, 10 December

Do mobile SMS reminders affect medical treatment? Evidence from an impact evaluation on malaria medication in Ghana by Heather Lanthorn, Evaluation Specialist, 3ie, 14 November

How does global warming affect agricultural productivity? Evidence from wheat-growing districts in India by Ridhima Gupta, Indian Statistical Institute, 27 August

Do self-help groups promote social cohesion? Behavioural evidence from rural India by Prof. Anders Olofsgård, deputy director, Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics, 8 August

Explaining success, understanding failure in the implementation of MGNREGA by Prof. Kunal Sen, University of Manchester, 21 July

How do we measure results? by Howard White, executive director, 3ie, 10 July

Household responses to food subsidies: evidence from India by Tara Kaul, evaluation specialist, 3ie, 4 July

What can an experiment in Maharashtra tell policymakers about the effect of sanitation on child height? by Dean Spears, Centre for Development Economics, Delhi School of Economics,13 June

Can MGNREGS buffer negative shocks in early childhood? Evidence from Andhra Pradesh by Aparajita Dasgupta, Fred.H.Bixby Postdoctoral Fellow,  Population Council, 23 May

Measuring poverty in Mexico by Gonzalo Hernández Licona, Executive Secretary, National Council for the Evaluation of Social Development Policy (CONEVAL), Mexico, 27 February

Social audits and MGNREGA delivery: Lessons from Andhra Pradesh by Prof. Farzana Afridi, Indian Statistical Institute, 21 February

Truth telling by third-party audits and the response of polluting firms: Experimental evidence from Gujarat, India by Rohini Pande, Director, Evidence for Policy Design, Harvard University; J-PAL Affiliate and Hardik Shah, Member Secretary, Gujarat Pollution Control Board, 16 January

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