Impact evaluations in performance management

How do we measure results?

Speaker: Howard White, executive director, 3ie
Discussant: Dr Prajapati Trivedi, secretary, performance management, Government of India
Date: 10 July, 3.30-5 p.m.

How do we measure the impact of government and development agencies? This presentation will discuss the principles and issues underlying agency-wide performance measurement systems (AWPMS).

Such systems need to embody the triple A principles of (i) alignment with agency goals, (ii) aggregation of performance across projects in a common metric, and (iii) assess attribution rather than rely on outcome monitoring. Other issues which arise are independence versus influence, the orientation of M&E systems to lesson learning as well as accountability, building in feedback loops, and the role of ex ante evaluability assessments.

The presentation will illustrate the arguments with reference to the AWPMS of governments, official development agencies and NGOs.

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