Evaluating maternal outcomes

Impact of the Chiranjeevi Yojana Programme on Institutional Deliveries and Birth Outcomes in Gujarat, India

July 6, 2012

Speaker: Dr. Manoj Mohanan, Assistant Professor, Duke University

The Chiranjeevi Yojana (CY) programme was launched in Gujarat in 2005 to improve maternal outcomes among low-income women by raising institutional delivery rates. This public-private partnership involved contracting private obstetricians and health facilities to provide delivery and emergency obstetric care at no cost to families living below the poverty line.

Although the programme was believed to be working, findings from an impact evaluation of the programme show that CY is not associated with increases in institutional deliveries or improvements in delivery-related health outcomes. Additionally, there was no evidence of significant reductions in household expenses for private sector deliveries as the programme had intended. Dr. Manoj Mohanan presented the findings of this impact evaluation which utilizes a difference-in-difference design.

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