Making impact evaluations relevant for policymakers in India

Speaker: Neil Buddy Shah, co-founder and CEO, IDinsight
Discussant: Gulzar Natarajan, director, Prime Minister's Office, Government of India
Date: 21 August, 3.30-5 p.m.
Venue: India International Centre Annex, Lecture Room 1

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To realise the potential of impact evaluations to improve social outcomes, Neil Buddy Shah argues that we must approach impact evaluation as we would any other development intervention. Impact evaluations need to be recalibrated between academic knowledge-focused evaluations and practitioner-driven, decision-focused, evaluations. Drawing on IDinsight's work, Shah will explore ways to tailor rigorous evaluation methodologies to meet the needs of policymakers by embedding demand-driven, rapid and affordable field studies into the decision-making structures of implementing organisations. The talk will also argue for specific, institutional reforms, including how to source and fund impact evaluations, who should conduct impact evaluations and the incentives for implementing organisations to produce and use evidence.

Making impact evaluations relevant for policymakers - Neil Buddy Shah, IDinsight

Here’s Neil Buddy Shah, the speaker at the 3ie Delhi seminar, talking about IDinsight and their approach to impact evaluations.

Impact evaluations should be hyperfocused on the decision needs of policymakers-Neil Buddy Shah

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