Early childhood interventions in Colombia

The design and impact of early childhood interventions: evidence from a randomized intervention in Colombia

Speaker: Emla Fitzsimons, Programme Director, Centre for Evaluation of Development Policy, Institute for Fiscal Studies
Date: April 24, 5.30-7 pm
Venue: Lower Meeting Room, LIDC, 36 Gordon Square, London

Interventions that improve development in early childhood can have lifelong consequences. The challenge is to identify interventions that are not only effective at improving child development, but are also cost-effective and can be implemented on a large scale. This research implements and evaluates an intervention consisting of weekly home visits, delivered by local women, to mothers with children aged 1-2 years. Micronutrient supplementation was also provided to some. The intervention was randomly allocated to some towns and not to others. 

By the end of the 18-month intervention, we found that it had improved the cognitive and linguistic development of the children that had received it.

Emla Fitzsimons presented the findings from the study.

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