Agriculture and child nutrition

Can agricultural interventions improve children's nutrition?

February 23, 2011

Speaker: Dr. Geoff Wong, University College of London

Agriculture remains the main source of income for around 2.5 billion people and plays an important role in both poverty reduction and economic growth.  This systematic review examines the impact of potential ‘win-win’ agricultural interventions on children’s nutrition.

While previous reviews found mixed results or no impact of agricultural interventions on children's nutritional status, this new study attributes the lack of impact to methodological weaknesses of the evaluations reviewed.

The study presented by Dr. Edoardo Masset, Research Fellow at the Institute of Development Studies concludes that agricultural interventions can have a positive impact on households’ incomes and consumption of specific food. However, it shows that there is no conclusive impact of the intervention on the absorption of micronutrients (vitamin A) and on the reduction of prevalence rates of stunting, wasting and underweight among children under five.

View Dr. Masset's presentation (220.1 KB)

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