Evaluation of E-courses

Does Internet-based medical education work?

March 23, 2011

Speaker: Dr Geoff Wong, University College of London

Educational courses for doctors and medical students are increasingly offered via the Internet. Despite much research, course developers remain unsure about what (if anything) to offer online and how. Prospective learners lack evidence-based guidance on how to choose between the options on offer.

The study presented by Dr. Geoff Wong of University College London aimed to produce theory driven criteria to guide the development and evaluation of Internet-based medical courses, using realist review methods. The study found that, when designing or choosing an Internet-based course, attention must be given to the fit between its technical attributes and learners' needs and priorities; and to ways of providing meaningful interaction. They offer a preliminary set of transferable questions to aid course developers and learners consider these issues. The review also highlighted the more general issues of how best to develop and evaluate educational interventions.

View Dr. Wong's presentation (1.6 MB)

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