Randomised controlled trials

3ie-LIDC symposium 'Thinking out of the black box'

May 23, 2011

Speakers: Howard White, 3ie; Nancy Cartwright, LSE; Jeff Waage, LIDC

Randomised Controlled Trials (RCTs) have moved to the forefront of the development agenda to assess the results and the impact of programmes. But RCTs are not without their critics, with questions raised about their usefulness, both in terms of providing more substantive lessons about the programme being evaluated and having findings that can be generalized to other settings. This symposium features Nancy Cartwright, London School of Economics, Howard White, 3ie and Jeff Waage, LIDC and brings perspectives from the philosophy of science and a mixed method approach to impact analysis.

Nancy Cartwright's presentation: Knowing what we are talking about: Why evidence doesn’t always travel (309.1 KB)

Howard White presentation Mixed methods in impact evaluation (4.2 MB)

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