The effectiveness of interventions in improving school participation and learning: a review of the evidence

3ie launches education review in Paris, 20 October

3ie launched its education effectiveness review at the UNESCO's International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP) office in Paris on 20 October.  The interest in the body of evidence generated by this comprehensive review was evident in the turnout for the presentation and the panel discussion that followed. There were over forty researchers and practitioners from various UNESCO units, including IIEP and from the Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Report team.

The opening comments of the afternoon were delivered by 3ie chair of the board of commissioners, Richard Manning. The presentation on the main review findings by 3ie's senior evaluation specialist, Birte Snilstveit, was followed by a discussion moderated by Suzanne Grant Lewis, director, IIEP. The main discussant was Aaron Benavot, the director of UNESCO's GEM Report team. He acknowledged the value of the theoretical framework, high level of methodological rigour and the mixed methods approach in particular. He also spoke about the importance that needs to be based on the context in which the studies were conducted. This was echoed by the audience feedback too during the question and answer session that followed.

Other points discussion included the need to find ways to include findings from studies that were excluded due to weaker study designs or a different set of interventions, and the relevance of global versus local evidence. 

The team led by Aaron Benavot also confirmed that the EER findings will be useful in informing their work on future GEM reports. 

The focus of the 2016 IIEP Strategic Debate series is to see how countries can best plan for the implementation of the ambitious and comprehensive The Education 2030 Agenda.

The seminar was held in English with simultaneous interpretation in to French. This event was live-streamed. 

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