Open data challenge

The National System for the Evaluation of Performance and Results (SINERGIA) and the International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie) invite young researchers and graduate students to 3ie's first open data challenge.


What motivates us?

To find innovative ways to use data generated by independent evaluations and impact evaluations funded by SINERGIA and 3ie. 
What is the competition about?  
  1. Graduate students and young researchers access and explore data of more than 40 independent evaluations financed by SINERGIA and 3ie.
  2. Individual participants who have registered their interest in participating in this competition by filling up the registration form before November 15, 2016.
  3. Participants define their research questions and produce a brief report (3,000-word, 1 ½ space) that includes: motivation, methodology, results and relevance.
  4. Final reports are sent to before January 15, 2017.
  5. A three-people jury reviews the reports and the authors of selected ones are invited to present the report and discuss the experience at an event held simultaneously in Bogota and Washington DC in March 2017.
  6. Two winners (one in Colombia, the other in the United States) will receive gift certificates for online courses, for a value of $500 each. The winners and honorary mentions will also receive a participation certificate from SINERGIA and 3ie.
What type of analysis are we looking for?

Socio-economic development analysis using econometric/statistical methods that provide new insights for policymaking from existing 3ie or SINERGIA financed datasets.

Key documents

Download 3ie evaluation open data sets (57.3 KB)

Download Sinergia evaluation open data sets (44.8 KB)

For more details about the first 3ie/SINERGIA Open Data Challenge, please contact Ben Wood or Mario Picon at

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