Livelihood impacts of climate change mitigation and adaptation: evaluating an incentive-based forest carbon management scheme in Bolivia

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This impact evaluation grant in Bolivia was cancelled. 

Nigel Asquith, Sandro Diez Amigo, Tara Grillos, Kelsey Jack, Andrea Markos, Tito Vidaurre
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Latin America and the Caribbean
Environment and Disaster Management
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Evaluation design
Randomised Control Trials (RCT)
Cancelled Grant
3ie Funding Window
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Payments for environmental services (PES) are conditional cash transfers to the providers of environmental services (such as upstream forest owners). While a number of studies have investigated the effectiveness of individual-level PES contracts, less is known about the PES model applied to communally owned land. Group-level payments have added complexities: both the dynamics of the group and the processes through which group decision making is facilitated may affect outcomes. For instance, in a context where land is communally owned, compensations could take the form of development projects that benefit the entire community as a whole.

This evaluation was meant to enable better understanding of group participation and decision-making processes to the overall effectiveness of communal PES schemes.

The grant for this impact evaluation has been terminated.

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