Impact Evaluation Repository

The Impact Evaluation Repository is an index of all published impact evaluations of development interventions.

All studies in the Impact Evaluation Repository have been screened to ensure they meet 3ie’s inclusion criteria. In August 2016, a massive updating exercise of the IER was completed.

Currently, the IER contains information on over 4,260 impact evaluations and links to original studies.

How do studies qualify to be in the IER?

For an impact evaluation to be included in the IER, it must be published, as a journal article, book chapter, report, or working paper. It should be conducted in a developing country, examine the effectiveness of a specific development intervention, and use an approved experimental or quasi-experimental estimation strategy.

3ie populates the repository through a systematic search and screening process. Over 35 databases, search engines, and websites are searched in order to locate all published development impact evaluations. Studies found through the search are then screened to ensure they meet the inclusion criteria.

Highlights of the IER update

  • 3ie’s impact evaluation repository now holds 4,260 records of published development impact evaluations
  • Current numbers suggest that the annual publication of impact evaluations peaked in 2012 and has plateaued since.
  • The top 10 countries for impact evaluation studies are India (390), China (281), Mexico (247), Kenya (233), Bangladesh (197), South Africa 194), Brazil (193), Uganda (173), Pakistan (105), and Peru (105).
  • In countries such as Brazil, Malawi, Mozambique, Costa Rica, Cambodia, and Cameroon, the number of impact evaluations has more than doubled from what we found in IER 2012.
  • Lack of impact evaluations noted in regions like Central Asia and Central Africa.


About the IER updating exercise

The 2014 launch of the IER was a major milestone as it marked the first systematic attempt to capture published impact evaluations through 30 September 2015.  In July 2016, 3ie completed the first full update. Using a refined search protocol, 3ie added 1377 studies to the IER, which now have evaluations published by September 2015.

3ie is committed to ensuring that the IER stays up to date with new, policy-influential studies available. If you know of an impact evaluation that meets our inclusion criteria and should be included in the IER, please write to us at


To find out more about 3ie’s search and screening protocol, please visit the following links:
First full search (2012-2014)

Second full search (2015-2016)


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