Impact Of Contextual Factors On The Effect Of Interventions To Improve Health Worker Performance In Sub-Saharan Africa: Review Of Randomised Clinical Trials

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Blacklock C, Gonçalves Bradley DC, Mickan S, Willcox M, Roberts N, Bergström A, et al. (2016) Impact of Contextual Factors on the Effect of Interventions to Improve Health Worker Performance in Sub-Saharan Africa: Review of Randomised Clinical Trials. PLoS ONE 11(1): e0145206. Link to Source
C . Blacklock, D. C. G. Bradley , s. Mickan, m. Willcox, N. Roberts, A. Bergstrom , D. Mant
Sub-Saharan Africa
Public Sector Management, Health Nutrition and Population
Health Sector Reform, Health Services, Institutional Development
Equity Focus
Review Type
Effectiveness review

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