Training and Deployment of Lay Refugee/internally Displaced Persons to Provide Basic Health Services in Camps: a Systematic Review

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Ehiri, J. E., Gunn, J. K. L., Center, K. E., Li, Y., Rouhani, M., & Ezeanolue, E. E. (2014) Training and deployment of lay refugee/internally displaced persons to provide basic health services in camps: a systematic review. Global Health Action7, 23902.

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John E. Ehiri, Jayleen K.L. Gunn, Katherine E. Center, Ying Li, Mae Rouhani, Echezona E. Ezeanolue
All Low and Middle Income Countries
Environment and Disaster Management, Health Nutrition and Population
Disaster Relief, Health Services, Mortality
Equity Focus
Conflict afflicted
Review Type
Effectiveness review

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