Demand-side Financing Measures to Increase Maternal Health Service Utilisation and Improve Health Outcomes: a Systematic Review of Evidence from Low- and Middle-income Countries

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Murray, S., Hunter, B., Bisht, R., Ensor, T. and Bick, D. (2013) Demand-side financing measures to increase maternal health service utilisation and improve health outcomes: a systematic review of evidence from low- and middle-income countries. Joanna Briggs Library.

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Susan F. Murray, Benjamin M. Hunter, Ramila Bisht, Tim Ensor and Debra Bick
East Asia and Pacific (includes South East Asia), South Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean
Health Nutrition and Population
Health Financing, Insurance and User Fees, Mortality, Primary Health- including reproductive health
Equity Focus
Ethnic Minorities, Gender
Review Type
Effectiveness review

Quality assessment

The systematic review is based on a relatively comprehensive literature search and appropriate methods to reduce biases in terms of study selection. However, the review has some major limitations. While it is clear that the review includes a broad range of studies it is not clear which studies were used to address the different research questions. The search for grey literature is limited and only studies with abstracts in English are included.  The criteria appraising studies do not sufficiently deal with the risk of bias in the measurement of causality, and this is a particular concern as the review adopts broad inclusion criteria. Furthermore, there is a lack of complete and transparent reporting of the characteristics and findings of included quantitative studies and it is not clear to the reader what types of studies are represented in the quantitative summary. Finally, summary tables are included in the discussion sections, but these are based on a vote counting approach, without reporting of statistical information from the included studies.

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