The impact of conditional cash transfers on child health in low-and middle-income countries: a systematic review

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Owusu-Addo and Ruth Cross, 2014, The impact of conditional cash transfers on child health in low- and middle-  income countries: a systematic review, International Journal of Public Health, 59(4), pp. 609-618

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Ebenezer Owusu-Addo and Ruth Cross
Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean
Social Protection, Health Nutrition and Population
Child Nutrition, Health Financing, Insurance and User Fees, Preventive Health and Health Behavior, Social Assistance
Equity Focus
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Effectiveness review

Quality assessment

The authors use clear inclusion criteria and an appropriate tool for assessing risk of bias. However, the review has some major limitations. The search strategy only covers sources of published literature and only English studies. Further, there does not appear to be independent screening and data extraction. Moreover, the authors do not conduct meta-analysis and justify this with reference to heterogeneity of studies, but the description of studies and presentation of results suggest otherwise. Most studies assessed CCT programmes in Latin America, which are quite similar in design and often looked at the same/ similar outcomes. Nevertheless, for a narrative synthesis presentation of findings it is quite clear, although it would have been useful if the authors had transformed statistical data into a common metric and displayed both standardised effect sizes and confidence intervals graphically or in a table.  Finally, results are not reported separately by risk of bias status, nor do the authors use sensitivity analysis or refer to risk of bias when presenting results.

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