Influence of mHealth Interventions on Gender Relations in Developing Countries: A Systematic Literature Review

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Jennings, L. and Gagliardi, L. (2013) Influence of mhealth interventions on gender relations in developing countries: a systematic literature review. International Journal for Equity in Health, 12:85. Link to Source
Larissa Jennings, Laina Gagliardi
South Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa
Information and Communications Technology, Private Sector Development, Health Nutrition and Population
Preventive Health and Health Behavior, Primary Health- including reproductive health, Telecommunications, Small Scale Enterprise
Equity Focus
Review Type
Effectiveness review

Quality assessment

The authors have clear inclusion criteria and do a fairly comprehensive search of the literature. They employ thematic synthesis methods to combine the limited number of identified studies. However, the review has some major limitations. The authors apply broad inclusion criteria related to study design and it appears that they use inappropriate study designs to answer causal questions about the effect of mHealth on gender relations. They do not report the individual quality assessment of each study or take account of risk of bias in the analysis. Minor limitations also include including only English language studies, and they do not report having contacted experts to request includable studies.

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