Policy Influence Plans

At 3ie, we encourage our funded research teams to focus on the use of evaluations to influence policies.

Simply making rigorous evaluations and evidence available to decision makers is necessary but not sufficient. Many more factors need to be in place for the evidence to translate into policy action.

Ongoing communications throughout the evaluation process and dissemination of preliminary findings to key policy influencers is critical to help promote the uptake of the study findings and influence policy. 3ie is asking funded research teams to move beyond dissemination and undertake activities during and after the research is conducted to engage policymakers and policy influencers and increase the likelihood that the research will inform policies. A key part of this process is the Policy Influence Plan.

What is a Policy Influence Plan?

3ie grantees prepare a Policy Influence Plan, which identifies what changes  in attitude, discourse, procedures, policy content or legislation, or behaviours and which key policy stakeholders or champions (policymakers, media, civil society organizations, professional associations and trade unions, religious groups etc.) they are targeting. This plan is a condition for the first disbursement of the grant.

The template

Policy influence plan and progress report template.doc (file missing!)

Sample Policy Influence Plans

A youth wage subsidy experiment for South Africa.pdf (103.1 KB)
Elucidating Avenues for Corruption-Micronutrient Fortification Strategies in India Midday Meals.pdf (371.7 KB)
Paying for Performance in China’s Battle Against Anemia.pdf (214.9 KB)
Chlorine Dispensers: scaling of results.pdf (201.2 KB)

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