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Guidance documents

These documents will be useful in the preparation of your application for 3ie's Policy Window grant calls. They are divided into four categories: 3ie policy window application documents, 3ie policy documents, 3ie reporting requirements document and 3ie contract templates.

3ie policy window application

Here are the documents for policy window preparation grant application.

PWPG administration agreement template (327.5 KB)
3ie organisation information form (343.9 KB)
3ie eligibility and qualification form (316.7 KB)
3ie policy window preparation grant 3 grantee budget template (264.0 KB)

Here are the relevant documents for the policy window impact evaluation proposal 

3ie impact evaluation proposal form (1.0 MB)
PW3 grantee budget template (344.5 KB)
3ie grant agreement for Policy Window Impact Evaluation (447.4 KB)

Here are the relevant documents you will need when filling out the stakeholder engagement and evidence uptake plan (SEEP). The SEEP replaced the policy influence plan (PIP) with effect from 6 July 2015.

3ie SEEP template (379.5 KB)
3ie SEEP Appendix 1: Worksheet for stakeholder mapping and analysis (383.8 KB)
3ie SEEP Appendix 2: Indicators for evidence engagement uptake and use (348.1 KB)
3ie SEEP Appendix 3: SEEP progress report (352.3 KB)

3ie policy documents

3ie principles of impact evaluation (184.1 KB)
3ie indirect costs policy.pdf (234.4 KB)
3ie direct costs policy.pdf (230.8 KB)
3ie publication release policy (262.9 KB)

3ie reporting requirements and policies

3ie financial utilisation statement template (319.6 KB)
3ie final report guidelines (262.9 KB)

3ie contract templates

3ie policy window proposal grant administration agreement (327.5 KB)
3ie grant agreement for Policy Window Impact Evaluation (447.4 KB)

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