Request for Qualifications SINERGIA Colombia

3ie sought expert advisors to provide advice and assistance to research organisations conducting impact evaluations commissioned by SINERGIA.

3ie will issue consulting contracts under its Policy Window grant programme to highly qualified applicants to serve in the role of expert advisors to SINERGIA, the Colombian government’s National Results-Based Management and Evaluation System.

For more information, please read the Request for Qualifications (RFQ) (350.5 KB)

This call is now closed. The deadline for application was 16 February 2015.

For any queries related to this RFQ, please send an email to

At a glance

  • The selected expert advisor will provide SINERGIA assistance on the selection of a domestic research organisation to conduct an impact evaluation of the selected government programmes.
  • Applicants must select one of the two government of Colombia programmes to provide advice and assistance for the impact evaluation of that programme. 
  • Applicants could apply for more than one programme, but should have submitted separate applications. Details of the programmes are available in the request for qualifications document.
  • 3ie anticipates awarding one 12-month consulting contract to the expert advisor.
  • Expert advisors must be able to work in English and the native language of the country of research.


SINERGIA, the government’s monitoring and evaluation unit works with the Office of the President and the Ministry of Finance to develop and implement government-supported evaluations, in an effort to assist policymakers make evidenced-informed decisions and improve the level of information available for stakeholders throughout the country.

SINERGIA undertakes a range of evaluations, including outcome evaluations, institutional and results evaluations, and impact evaluations. SINERGIA’s impact evaluations are typically conducted by research organisations in Colombia or consulting firms under contract to SINERGIA.

Policy Window Advanced grant programme

Policy window grant-making is restricted to 3ie members. One of the ways that we make these awards is to provide technical assistance to implementing agencies that are already commissioning impact evaluations, but where the local capacity to undertake these commissioned studies is still developing. Under the PW advanced grant programme, 3ie awards consulting contracts to expert advisors who each support an impact evaluation commissioned by the member implementing agency that is being carried out by a local organisation.

How to apply

These are the key documents that were needed for the application.

Budget templates

Consultant budget template (122.6 KB)

Institutions budget template (124.6 KB)

Policy documents

Direct costs policy (73.2 KB)

PW Expense claim form (15.0 KB)

3ie consulting agreement template

SINERGIA consulting agreement (197.2 KB)

Photo © Ministerio TIC Colombia

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