Replication Window 3: HIV Prevention

3ie invited expressions of interest from researchers to conduct internal replications of influential, innovative, or controversial impact evaluations of biomedical, behavioural, social and structural HIV prevention interventions.

This was 3ie’s first replication funding window with a specific thematic focus.

By internal replication, 3ie means the reconciliation and re-analysis of the findings of an original study using the study’s own raw data and perhaps also using data from different sources for the same population.

For more information, please read the Request for Expressions of Interest (115.4 KB)

This call is now closed. The final deadline for submitting completed expressions of interest was 23.59 GMT, 31 May 2015. 

The RW3 team will reviewed expressions of interest on a rolling basis and will invite selected researchers to submit full proposals. Any researcher invited to submit a proposal must do so within 45 days of receiving the invitation.

Please send your queries to

This call is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

At a glance

  • The aim of this Replication Window 3 (RW3) call was to invite researchers to express interest in conducting internal replications of HIV prevention interventions.
  • Researchers interested in conducting a replication must select an original study that is included in 3ie’s Impact Evaluation Repository. 3ie will only fund one replication study per impact evaluation under RW3.
  • Trials of biomedical interventions were not eligible for replication under RW3.
  • There was no limit on the number of expressions of interest that researchers could submit.
  • There is no pre-set funding limit for studies under RW3, however all proposals will be judged on cost-reasonableness.
  • Please refer to the request for expressions of interest for information on submission of full proposals and the review process.
  • Accepted replications will be published on the 3ie website and in hard copy as part of the Replication Paper Series.


The call was open to any individual who will agree to the terms of one of the replication programme contracts. The contracts are independent consulting contracts with individuals or consulting contracts with institutions. Any independent consultant resident in the United States must have US work authorisation.

How to apply

These were the key documents for the application:

Request for expressions of interest

Request for expressions of interest (115.4 KB)

Budget templates

RW3 individual consultant budget template (278.6 KB)  

RW3 institutional consultant budget template (281.1 KB)

Review form

RW3 review form (183.9 KB)

Contract templates

RW3 individual consulting agreement (384.7 KB)

RW3 institutional consulting agreement (280.1 KB)

Replication notification policy

Key resources


Three decades of work on HIV prevention have yielded a series of effective biomedical, behavioural, and structural interventions among specific population groups in small-scale settings and/or in controlled trials. To date, few of these have been adopted at a population level to prevent HIV. Although most of them show clear potential for a major impact in reducing HIV and AIDS and the associated human and economic costs, the importance of the effort to prevent HIV and the magnitude of effort required to scale up any evidence-based intervention require the study results to be carefully reviewed, understood, and confirmed.

Support for the Replication Window 3: HIV Prevention

This call is generously funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

© Albert González Farran/UNAMID

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