Innovations in Increasing Immunisation Thematic Window

3ie is pleased to announce grants for seven impact evaluations and seven formative evaluations under its programme, Breaking through stagnation: testing innovative approaches to engaging communities in increasing immunisation coverage.

A major challenge in the fight against vaccine-preventable death and disease is the limited evidence available on innovative and successful community-based approaches for expanding immunisation coverage in countries with low or stagnating vaccination rates. To address this challenge and plug the evidence gap, 3ie launched the Breaking through stagnation programme. The Innovations in Increasing Immunisation Thematic Window is the grant mechanism for this programme which was launched in 2015.

The 3ie-funded studies will generate new evidence about what works to engage communities in increasing immunisation and test the feasibility and effectiveness of innovative and new interventions. The studies are being carried out in Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Myanmar, Nigeria, Pakistan and Uganda.

This grant window is currently closed. To read about the application process, click here

Listed below are summaries of the on-going studies funded by 3ie. This list will be updated as and when more grants are made.


Sharing learning on evaluations of innovations in increasing Immunisation

New: 3ie, with support from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, hosted a mid-term learning and synthesis workshop on 11-12 July 2017 in New Delhi, India. This workshop brought together all grantees from 3ie’s Innovations in Increasing Immunisation Thematic Window to discuss the progress of ongoing studies, preliminary findings, challenges faced, lessons learned and ways to synthesise findings from all the evaluation studies.  To read the workshop report, click here.


3ie-supported impact evaluations

Impact assessment of SALT (Stimulate, Appreciate, Learn, and Transfer), India

The study will evaluate the impact of the SALT approach of community engagement to increase immunisation coverage by driving positive behaviour change within the community.

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Community engagement through supportive feedback and non­-monetary incentives, Ethiopia

The study will evaluate the impact of engaging communities in Ethiopia by using behaviour-informed feedback and non-monetary incentives to mobilise both communities and health care workers for improving immunisation rates.

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The Fifth Child community engagement strategy, Uganda

This study evaluates the impact of the International Rescue Committee’s Fifth Child: a data-informed community engagement strategy to improve defaulter tracing and address the stagnating coverage of third dose of the DPT3 vaccinations in remote areas.

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Engaging communities through traditional and religious leaders, Nigeria

This study aims at evaluating the use of traditional and religious leaders for engaging with communities in the planning, implementation, and monitoring of immunisation services in southern Nigeria.

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Impact evaluation of a digital pendant and voice reminders for improving immunisation adherence, India

The study will evaluate the impact of providing a digital vaccination record in a wearable pendant or a sticker on routine immunisation in Rajasthan, India.

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Evaluating the impact of interventions to improve full immunisation rates in Haryana, India

This impact evaluation has three distinct sets of experiments that will assess interventions for improving full immunisation rates in seven districts in rural Haryana, India

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Community-led video education to increase vaccination coverage in Uttar Pradesh, India: a cluster-randomised controlled trial

The study will evaluate the impact of community-led education videos on increase in vaccination coverage in Uttar Pradesh, India. It will try to assess the impact of the intervention on the following: a) vaccination timeliness and drop-out rates, b) vaccination rates among vulnerable children, and c) community attitudes and normative beliefs related to immunisation.

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3ie-supported formative evaluations

The Vaccine Indicator and Reminder band, Pakistan

The study will assess the effect of encouraging community engagement and mobilisation for the distribution of VIR bands to infants.

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Collaborative immunisation quality checklists, Myanmar

This formative evaluation tests a new approach to educate and involve communities in the provision of immunisation services in rural Myanmar.

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International Rescue Committee’s Fifth Child community engagement strategy, Ethiopia

This formative evaluation assesses IRC’s Fifth Child integrated community engagement strategy as a potential solution to the problem of low and stagnating immunisation coverage in Ethiopia.

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Vaccine Indicator and Reminder band, Nigeria

The study will assess the feasibility of community-based distribution of VIR bands to infants in Nigeria.

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Community health strategy, Kenya

This formative study will assess the community health strategy (CHS) targeted at marginalised communities, primarily comprising pastoral and nomadic communities in Kenya.

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Participatory evaluation and action research, Nigeria

This study is an assessment of the Reach Every Ward approach for improving routine vaccination coverage in a province of Nigeria.

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Health Development Army network, Ethiopia

This study assesses the effects of extending the government of Ethiopia’s HDA network to pastoral communities.

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3ie interviewed Shantanu Pramanik, principal investigator for the new 3ie-funded impact evaluation of the SALT (Stimulate, Appreciate, Learn, and Transfer) project. In this video, he explains why the impact evaluation of the SALT- an approach of community engagement to increase immunisation coverage through ownership.

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Publication: Scoping study on Engaging communities for increasing immunisation coverage

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