Collaborative immunisation quality checklists, Myanmar

A formative evaluation of collaborative immunisation quality checklists to engage hard-to-reach communities for improved immunisation in rural Myanmar

Principal Investigators: Christopher Morgan, Hnin Kalyar Kyaw, Jessica Davis, Poe Poe Anug and Stanley Luchters 
Research organisation: Burnet Institute, Myanmar

This formative evaluation tests a new approach to educate and involve communities in the provision of immunisation services. The intervention involves getting health care providers to use a simple World Health Organisation quality checklist for ensuring that the immunisation session is effective and safe. The checklist is also adapted for use by community members, particularly families that use immunisation services. By simultaneously introducing a quality assurance checklist with health staff and their clients, the study aims to help community members increase their understanding of what is needed to provide good quality service. This study will be conducted in three villages in rural Myanmar.

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