Participatory evaluation and action research, Nigeria

Formative assessment of participatory evaluation and action research (PAR) to increase immunisation coverage in Ogun state of Nigeria

Principal investigators: Ngozi Akwataghibe and Oluwafemi Popoola 
Research organisation: Royal Tropical Institute (KIT), Netherlands

This study is an assessment of the Reach Every Ward approach for improving routine vaccination coverage. The intervention involves using the PAR approach to identify community-related factors that hinder immunisation coverage and find contextually relevant solutions to problems. It aims to identify the needs and expectations of the communities with respect to immunisation services for infants and children and match services to those needs as well as the expectations of health workers and the local government. This will be done by putting together a contextually relevant Joint Action Plan (JAP). The PAR will commence with a baseline study (situational analysis) using both quantitative and qualitative methods. The situational analysis will inform the first round of dialogue between health workers, community members and the local government to develop a JAP for change. The JAP will be implemented over a four-month action phase. Progress will be assessed after this to inform a second round of dialogue and develop a second JAP which will again be implemented over a four-month action phase. The formative evaluation aims to assess the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of the PAR intervention. The study will be conducted in the Remo-North Local Government Area (Ogun State), which suffers from a disproportionately high burden of unimmunised children (23%).

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