How to Apply

Social Protection Thematic Window application process

The application process for the Social Protection Thematic Window comprised three steps: 

  1. Read guidance documents listed below
  2. Submit expression of interest 
  3. Submit full application. Note: only those who passed the expression of interest stage were allowed to submit a full application.

This window has now closed but you can read the guidance documents for applicants below. 

Social Protection Thematic Window call documents

Request for proposals.pdf (227.6 KB)

3ie typology of social protection.pdf (34.9 KB)

Scoping report.pdf (295.3 KB)

Inventory of social protection programmes.pdf (141.9 KB)

3ie funded social protection evaluations.pdf (56.0 KB)

Sample application form.pdf (102.8 KB)

Review criteria and scoring.pdf (377.0 KB)

3ie policy documents

3ie principles of impact evaluation.pdf (232.4 KB)

3ie impact evaluation practice.pdf (80.7 KB)

3ie human subject guidelines.pdf (16.3 KB)

3ie indirect-cost guidelines.pdf (63.2 KB)

3ie direct costs policy.pdf (73.2 KB)

3ie publication release policy (36.5 KB)

3ie contract templates

GDN 3ie grant administration agreement.pdf (492.7 KB)

3ie grant agreement.pdf (94.6 KB)

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