Replication papers

The replication paper series (RPS) expands the benefits of 3ie’s replication programme by providing a publication and dissemination outlet for all replication studies of development impact evaluations. 

The RPS publishes online and hard-copy replication studies of impact evaluations in 3ie’s online Impact Evaluation Repository, including replication studies funded by 3ie through the replication windows or produced in-house as well as independently submitted replication studies.

For more information on the guidelines and process for submissions to 3ie’s Replication Paper Series, click here.


PEPFAR and adult mortality: a replication study of HIV development assistance effects in Sub-Saharan African countries

3ie Replication Paper 15, 2018

In this paper, Nicholas Hein and colleagues conducted a replication of the 2012 publication HIV development assistance and adult mortality in Africa by Eran Bendavid and colleagues. The original study investigated the relationship between increased funding to sub-Saharan African countries through the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) and adult mortality. It concluded that during the years of PEPFAR implementation (2004-2008), the odds of adult mortality was significantly lower in PEPFAR sub-Saharan countries as compared to non-PEPFAR sub-Saharan countries.

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