3ie Systematic Review 26

Parental, community and familial support for children’s literacy in developing countries

3ie Systematic Review 26, 2016

This systematic review by Spier et al. examined the effectiveness of parental, familial and community support for children’s literacy development in developing countries. This review provides information about the contextual influences of such support on children’s literacy development skills through the use of interventions that target those influences.

 Researchers found that educational television had a positive impact on young children’s literacy development if the child viewed the programming three to five times per week (but not at a lower dosage). Interventions intended to support parents’ ability to develop their child’s school readiness were not found to be effective overall, although they did have some positive effects in some countries. Peer-led tutoring was found to improve children’s school readiness in writing, but not in other areas of literacy.

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