3ie Systematic Review 27

Factors affecting uptake of voluntary and community-based health insurance schemes in low-and middle-income countries

3ie Systematic Review 27, 2016

This systematic review by Panda et al. examines the demand and supply-side factors that affect uptake and renewal of community-based voluntary health insurance (CBHI) schemes in low- and middle-income countries. It analysed the factors that affect joining on a voluntary basis and retaining members. The review suggests that enrolments in CBHI were positively associated with household income, education of the head of households, age of the head of the household, household size, female-headed household, and married head of the household and presence of chronic illness episodes in the household. However, presence of acute illness episodes and presence of elderly persons in the household had a negative association with enrollments in CBHI. Education of the head of household, household size and trust in the scheme management were positively associated with renewal decisions.

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