3ie Systematic Review Summary reports

Systematic review summary reports present the findings from the full reviews in a form that is designed to be useful to decision-makers.

Latest 3ie systematic review summaries

The impact of education programmes on learning and school participation in low- and middle-income countries

3ie Systematic Review Summary 7, 2016

 Improved access to education has failed to translate into improved learning in many low- and middle-income countries (L&MICs). To find out what evidence exists about improving learning, 3ie carried out a systematic review that synthesised qualitative and quantitative evidence from 238 impact evaluations of 216 education programmes in 52 L&MICs. This summary report is based on the comprehensive systematic review, which has been published separately on the 3ie website. It focuses on the  impacts of a range of interventions on a host of outcomes, including children’s school enrolment, attendance, completion and learning outcomes.

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