3ie Systematic Reviews

Systematic reviews synthesise the best available research evidence on a specific question. When well conducted, systematic reviews provide a sound and reliable basis for decision-making about public policy and provision of public services. These reviews use explicit and transparent procedures to identify all available research evidence relevant for a specific question.

To ensure that systematic reviews are reliable and replicable they must have a clear inclusion and exclusion criteria, an explicit search strategy and systematic procedures for data extraction, critical appraisal and analysis of included studies. When appropriate, findings from individual studies should be combined using statistical meta-analysis.

Latest 3ie systematic reviews

Incorporating the life cycle approach into WASH policies and programmes: A systematic review

3ie Systematic Review 35

This systematic review assesses the extent to which WASH policies, programmes and projects in eleven priority countries have been inclusive of different population segments during the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) period.

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Other systematic reviews


Interventions for improving learning outcomes and access to education in low- and middle-income countries

Birte Snilstveit, Jennifer Stevenson, Daniel Phillips, Martina Vojtkova, Emma Gallagher, Tanja Schmidt, Hannah Jobse, Maisie Geelen, Maria Grazia Pastorello and John Eyers
3ie Systematic Review 24, 2015

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The identification and measurement of health-related spillovers in impact evaluations

Jade Benjamin-Chung, Jaynal Abedin, David Berger, Ashley Clark, Lauren Falcao, Veronica Jimenez, Eugene Konagaya, Diana Tran, Benjamin F Arnold, Alan Hubbard, Stephen P Luby, Edward Miguel and John M Colford, Jr
3ie Systematic Review 22, 2015

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The effects of school-based decision-making on educational outcomes in low- and middle-income countries

Roy Carr-Hill, Caine Rolleston, Tejendra Pherali, Rebecca Schendel, Edwina Peart and Emma Jones
3ie Systematic Review 21, 2015

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Policing interventions for targeting interpersonal violence in developing countries

Angela Higginson, Lorraine Mazerolle, Michelle Sydes, Jacqueline Davis and Kerrie Mengersen
3ie Systematic Review 20, 2015

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