Systematic Review 007

The impact of daycare programs on child health, nutrition and development in developing countries: a systematic review

3ie Systematic review 7, 2011

This systematic review by Leroy and colleagues examines the impact of daycare interventions on the health, nutrition and development of children under five years of age in low- and middle-income countries. All of the studies are from Latin America and the Caribbean. In general, the authors found large positive effects on measures of short- and longer term child development. Results were inconsistent for health and nutrition, so no conclusions were drawn. There is a need for more rigorous evidence on the impact of daycare programs, especially in Africa and Asia, in a variety of settings. Intermediary variables that help explain the pathways of impact also need to be measured and taken into account in analyses in future impact evaluations.

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Photo ©  IITA/Flickr

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