The online heat map and the evidence heat table provide researchers, policymakers and programme managers with an overview of the existing evidence in user-friendly formats.
These are classified by their accompanying study focus within the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) programme and organised by geographic scope. The heat map and the heat table thematically summarise empirical evidence on the effectiveness of MGNREGA in the areas of implementation process and economic, empowerment and governance outcomes at state levels.

The 3ie mapping team conducted systematic literature searches of online databases and systematic manual searches between July and September 2014. We screened
1,925 potentially eligible titles, including eligible studies that we came across during manual searches after September 2014.  We assessed 648 full texts for eligibility,
and included 263 studies in the heat table and heat map. 

How to use this map: Hover the cursor over any state represented on the map of India to see available evidence. For the detailed heat table, click on the All Data tab.

Nrega HeatMAP

Note: The numbers in the table represent the frequency of reported outcomes and not the number of studies, hence the total sum might be greater than the total number of studies under a given category. For access to detailed coding data behind the heat map, please contact the corresponding author at

  • Outcomes pertaining to Non-experimental  
  • Outcomes pertaining to Counterfactual studies

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