Our seminars provide a platform for researchers, policymakers and programme managers to share lessons learned from evaluations and reviews in a wide-variety of sectors.

We organise monthly seminars in Delhi to promote public discussions on the production and use of high-quality evidence for informing decision-making. We also organise the monthly 3ie-LIDC seminar series ‘What works in international development,’ in London


Upcoming events

January 2019

CEDIL lecture: stakeholder engagement for development impact evaluation and evidence synthesis

CEDIL 23 January 2019 London Professor Sandy Oliver (UCL Institute of Education) will deliver a lecture on engaging stakeholders in the generation and use of evidence on 23 January 2019.

Previous events

November 2018
New Delhi

Does promoting citizen engagement in governance of public services improve development outcomes?

Seminar 01 November 2018 New Delhi 3ie's Hugh Waddington shared findings from an upcoming mixed-method systematic review on interventions that promote citizen engagement in public service governance, through participatory and inclusive planning, community based monitoring, and provision of information about rights and performance of public services

December 2018

To boldly go where no evaluator has gone before: the CEDIL evaluation agenda

Seminar 12 December 2018 London Edoardo Masset will introduce the newly established Centre of Excellence on Development Impact and Learning (CEDIL), which was set up by DFID to develop new evaluation methods and to commission evaluation and synthesis studies in neglected areas of international development.

October 2018

Uncertainty and its consequences in social policy evaluation and evidence-based decision-making

Seminar 31 October 2018 London Matthew Jukes (RTI International) talked about how a more systematic analysis of uncertainty and its consequences can improve approaches to decision-making and to the generation of evidence.

August 2018
New Delhi

Using mid-level theory to understand behavioural change: examples from health and evidence-based policy

Seminar 30 August 2018 New Delhi In this talk, Howard White (Campbell Collaboration) adopts the trans-theoretical model of behaviour change to apply mid-level theory to the analysis of two sets of interventions: the adoption of health behaviour, and promoting evidence-based policy change

Dss august

Promoting filtered water delivery in rural Bihar

Seminar 14 August 2018 New Delhi Drew Cameron (UC Berkeley School of Public Health) spoke about the study design and formative results of a cluster randomised evaluation that aims to identify the impacts of a novel potable water delivery service in rural Bihar.

July 2018

Development impact attribution: mental models and methods in ‘mixed marriage’ evaluations

Seminar 18 July 2018 London James Copestake (University of Bath) used the ‘marriage’ metaphor to explore collaboration that spans academic traditions and disciplines, researchers and managers, and public and private sector agencies.

DSS Priyanka

Transforming the lives of women through productivity improvements in small ruminants

Seminar 29 June 2018 New Delhi Priyanka Dubey discussed major findings from the Project Mesha study and how it helped develop the output and outcome indicators that could be tracked at baseline, midline and endline, of an impact evaluation.

June 2018

Assessing the effectiveness of services provided by Cocoa Board (COCOBOD): Ghana's success story

Seminar 07 June 2018 London Panellists in this session examined the factors that contributed Ghana’s success in the cocoa sector.

Understanding the role of evidence to inform sanitation policy in India

Understanding the role of evidence to inform sanitation policy in India

Seminar 29 May 2018 New Delhi On World Toilet Day 2017, 3ie organised a panel discussion on the use of evidence to inform India’s sanitation policies and programming.

April 2018

The four waves of the evidence revolution: progress and challenges in evidence-based policy and practice

Seminar 30 April 2018 London In this seminar, Howard White (CEDIL, Campbell Collaboration) provides a historical overview of the evidence movement and the challenges it faces