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June 2014   Making Evidence Work
Making Impact Evaluation Matter conference

Call for presentations and pre-conference workshop proposals
The Asian Development Bank-3ie international conference Making Impact Evaluation Matter is shaping up to be the major impact evaluation event of the year. Confirmed plenary speakers include Professor Paul Gertler. With over 100 registrations so far, the event looks like it will fill up early, so ensure your place now by submitting a proposal or registering. There are awards for best presentations. For questions please check
the FAQ section.


Current funding opportunity


Jordan and Lebanon Humanitarian Assistance Thematic Window: request for qualifications
We invite submissions of qualifications to be considered for a proposal preparation grant for designing an impact evaluation of the cash versus e-vouchers pilot programme for Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon implemented by the World Food Programme. Deadline for applications: 23:59 EST, 27 June. Read more

Democratic Republic of Congo Humanitarian Assistance Thematic Window: request for qualifications
We invite submissions of qualifications for proposal preparation grants for rigorous impact evaluations of humanitarian assistance interventions in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Deadline for applications: 23:59 EST, 13 June. Read more

HIV Oral Self-testing Thematic Window Phase II: request for proposals
We invite proposals for the implementation of innovative pilot programmes for promoting the use HIV oral self-tests in the Republic of Kenya. We will also fund rigorous impact evaluations of these pilot programmes. This call is open to organisations implementing HIV and AIDS programmes in Kenya. Deadline for applications: 23:59 GMT, 7 July. Read more

Replication Window 3, HIV Prevention: requests for expressions of interest
We invite expressions of interest from researchers to conduct internal replications of influential, innovative or controversial impact evaluations of biomedical, behavioural, social and structural HIV prevention interventions. Deadline for expressions of interest: 23.59 GMT 31 May 2015. Read more

Grant pre-announcement

Policy Window 3: request for qualifications
We will soon issue request for qualifications for proposal preparation grants for the impact evaluation of programmes in Côte d'Ivoire, Senegal and Benin. These include the West African Development Bank-funded food and nutrition programmes in West Africa, including but not restricted to programmes in Côte d'Ivoire and Senegal; an education programme for girls implemented by the Government of Benin and a sustainable energy programme implemented by the Government of Senegal. To register your interest, please write to pw3@3ieimpact.org.


We are providing five bursaries to nationals from low- and middle-income countries to attend the 22nd Cochrane Colloquium on 22-26 September in Hyderabad, India. Deadline for applications: 1700 GMT, 30 June. Read more

We are providing bursaries for nationals of low- and middle-income countries who are currently employed in a low- or middle-income country by a government or local non-governmental agency (not an international agency), to attend the Making Impact Evaluation Matter conference in Manila 1-5 September. Deadline for applications: 15 July. Read more

Awards and grant updates
Thematic Window 7: Integration of HIV services to improve linkage to care, adherence and retention
We are launching a new window that will fund proposals to use integration of HIV services with other health services to improve linkage to care, adherence to treatment regimens, and retention in treatment and care. Other services include primary health care, maternal, newborn, and child health, sexual and reproductive health, or tuberculosis, or integration of HIV services between the public and private sectors. Drop-off of patients through the HIV care continuum continues to be a problem. New ideas for addressing this cascade are needed, and integration of services has been seen as a way to facilitate use by making access more convenient, more confidential and less stigmatising.

Policy Window 2 awards
We have awarded two impact evaluation grants for a study on the New Partnership for African Development (NEPAD) e-school initiative's Kenya Primary Schools Laptop Project and the Senegal NEPAD e-Schools Initiative to Neil Butcher and Associates.

Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction Thematic Window
We have awarded ten proposal preparation grants for impact evaluations related to reduced emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD/REDD+) programmes in Indonesia, Uganda, Nepal, Bolivia, Columbia and early warning systems in Morocco and Mozambique.

Agricultural Innovations Thematic Window
We have awarded 13 provisional grants for impact evaluation of interventions in the areas of knowledge transfer, contractual arrangements, adoption, and soil health in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Niger, Malawi, Ethiopia, Mali and Cambodia. Representatives of research teams and implementing agencies attended an inception workshop in Nairobi on April 23-24. The workshop facilitated discussions on impact evaluation designs and familiarised grantees with our reporting requirements and grant-making processes.
Successful policy engagement

Encouraging small and medium enterprises to register, Malawi
Estimates show that 97 per cent of businesses are not registered as formal enterprises in Malawi. The Ministry of Industry and Trade is streamlining processes to increase registration among small to medium enterprises and launching campaigns to promote the potential benefits of business registration. An on-going 3ie-supported study undertaken by Innovations for Poverty Action is evaluating whether formality improves enterprise performance. Preliminary findings from this study are gaining notable attention. They have been used to provide inputs to the World Bank's Global financial development report 2013 and have been cited in the International Finance Corporation report Closing the credit gap for formal and informal micro, small, and medium enterprises. The study design has also helped shape thinking of the investment climate department at the World Bank on business registration. Read more about the study.

New publication from 3ie-supported studies

Conditional, unconditional and everything in between: a systematic review of the effects of cash transfer programmes on schooling outcomes, Sarah Baird, Fransisco H.G. Ferreira, Berk Ozler and Michael Woolcock. Journal of Development Effectiveness, vol. 6, issue 1, 2014.

What works in developing nations to get children into school or keep them there? A systematic review of rigorous impact studies, Anthony Petrosino, Claire Morgan, Trevor Fronius, Emily E. Tanner-Smith and Robert F. Boruch, Research on Social Work Practice, March 2014.

3ie publication
Our first replication study, TV female empowerment and demographic change in rural India, by Vegard Iversen and Richard Palmer-Jones on Robert Jensen and Emily Oster's paper, The power of TV: cable television and women's status in rural India, tests the hypothesis that increased cable television access is associated with improved women's status in rural India. The replication found that the underlying mechanisms are more complex than implied by the original study. A re-examination of the female autonomy index and closer look at heterogeneous outcomes reveal variations in how television viewing affected the study population. They also determine that cable television access increases female autonomy specifically for educated women and for women in households that did not own television sets.
Other recommended readings

The European Journal of Development Research, vol 26, issue 1 (January 2014), features a special debate section on impact evaluations. Howard White writes about the current challenges in impact evaluation; Laura Camfield and Maren Duvendack argue that impact evaluations can improve the quality of development policy and programmes and explain intended and unintended consequences. What can we learn from impact evaluations?, asks Robert Lensink. Robert Picciotto, Glenn W Harrison, Irene Guijt and Chris Roche highlight other aspects of the debate.

Journal of Development Effectiveness, vol 6, issue 2 is out. In addition to other papers, this issue features a study on the impact of microcredit on women's control over household decisions by Maren Duvendack, Richard Palmer-Jones and Jos Vaessen. You can also find David McKenzie's review of William Easterly's latest book, The Tyranny of Experts: Economists, Dictators, and the Forgotten Rights of the Poor.

Useful resources

Impact Evaluation Repository
We have launched the 3ie Impact Evaluation Repository, a new and improved version of our existing impact evaluation database. Now, with nearly 2,400 impact evaluations studies, this is the only comprehensive repository of its kind in international development. Designed for policymakers and practitioners, as well as researchers, it is a valuable source of rigorous evidence of what works, how, why and at what cost in development.

If you do not see an impact evaluation that you think meets our selection criteria, please let us know. You may be eligible for a $10 Amazon.com gift certificate and a special mention on the 3ie website. See contest rules here. Submissions should be sent to database@3ieimpact.org by midnight 31 July 2014.

Registry for International Development Impact Evaluations
We have 29 prospective impact evaluations registered in the Registry for International Development Impact Evaluations (RIDIE). To incentivise registration, we announced five lotteries for the first 100 registrations. Winners will receive Microsoft Surface RT tablet computers or Apple iPads. The first RIDIE lottery drawing was held recently. The winner is Dr Paul Glewwe. Watch lottery video. Rules for the remaining four RIDIE lottery drawings can be found here.

New blog posts

Evidence Matters, our blog site, is teeming with new insights. Check out our latest blog, The efficacy-effectiveness continuum and impact evaluation       Visit the blog site to subscribe and view our posts

3ie in the news
Our new systematic review summary on Farmer field schools: from agricultural extension to adult education was cited in Nature (30 April 2014).

Howard White, our executive director, was featured on a Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC TV) programme Issues of Policy (22 May 2014).
Upcoming events
3ie-IFPRI seminar, 12 June, Health information, treatment and worker productivity: experimental evidence from Malaria testing and treatment among Nigerian sugarcane cutters, Speaker: Jed Friedman, World Bank

3ie-LIDC seminar, 12 June, Can we save our forests through payments and decentralisation: assessing the evidence, Speaker: Cyrus Samii, New York University

3ie Delhi Seminar, 13 June, What can an experiment in Maharashtra tell policymakers about the impact of sanitation on child height?, Speaker: Dean Spears, Centre for Development Economics, Delhi School of Economics.
3ie jobs

Senior Evaluation Specialist, New Delhi: The senior specialist will manage grant windows and provide technical support to 3ie-funded research, among several other tasks.

Evaluation Specialist, New Delhi: The specialist will provide high-level technical oversight, management and support for multiple 3ie-funded impact evaluation studies.

Other announcements

Job opportunity: Senior program officer, Measurement Learning and Evaluation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, New Delhi

Call for abstracts and posters: 2nd International Conference on Evaluating Climate Change and Development, 4-6 November, Washington, DC. Deadline: 30 June.

Call for proposals: Comparative Political Studies special issue on research transparency in the social sciences. Deadline: 15 September.

Post-doctoral fellowship, Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary, Canada

Campbell Collaboration Colloquium, 16-19 June, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Global Development Network annual conference, 18-20 June, Accra

Cochrane Colloquium, September 21-26, Hyderabad, India. Early bird registration is open.

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