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Evidence uptake and use from 3ie-funded studies
Improving the targeting mechanism of a humanitarian assistance programme in the Democratic Republic of Congo
The Rapid Response to Population Movements Programme implemented by UNICEF and its partners is one of the largest-of-its-kind humanitarian assistance programmes offering non-food items, health, education and water, sanitation and hygiene in four provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Researchers at the Catholic University of Bukavu are evaluating the impact of the provision of vouchers for non-food items on the health and wellbeing of recently displaced or returned persons, and vulnerable host families. Previously collected household information was imprecise, which hindered the research team from finding individual households and prevented programme managers from dedicating appropriate human resources to each village. After engaging with the implementing agencies and presenting these implementation challenges, the study team made recommendations to improve the programme’s targeting tool. As a result, the implementing partners, Mercy Corps and Danish Refugee Council, have improved the level and type of information collected from households, including more information on household location, composition and type of lodging. The revised targeting tool is also being used in enumerator training and for preparing the beneficiary lists.
Evidence, action and impact: the 3ie story
3ie marked its 10th year on 14 May 2018. We would not have reached this important milestone without your continued support and encouragement. We are incredibly proud of all the collaborations and partnerships that have helped us to further our mission of achieving evidence-informed development. Watch our video to know more about the 3ie story. Read our executive director, Manny Jimenez’s letter thanking all of you for your support over the past decade.
New 3ie publications
Evidence gap map brief: : Mapping the evidence on financial instruments for agricultural risk mitigation and Mapping the evidence on agricultural innovation programmes

Impact evaluation reports: Evaluation of centres of infant development: an early year’s intervention in Colombia and Impact evaluation of the Menabe and Melaky development programme in Madagascar and Can the wounds of war be healed? Experimental evidence on reconciliation in Sierra Leone.

Working paper brief: Evaluating advocacy initiatives: what works?
3ie-funded research in peer-reviewed publications
Please click here to access the current list of all the 3ie-funded studies and 3ie-produced publications appearing in peer-reviewed publications.
New 3ie blog
10 years of research transparency
In the first of our anniversary blog series, Neeta Goel recounts 3ie's efforts to promote transparency in research over the last ten years and provides an overview of our research transparency policy. She includes some key lessons learned on open data, managing expectations of researchers and the need to build more awareness on the importance of research transparency.

Learning power lessons: verifying the viability of impact evaluations
Inadequate contextual knowledge can cause evaluators to make power miscalculations that can render years of research and hundreds of thousands of dollars meaningless. In the second blog of our 10th anniversary series, Benjamin DK Wood and Anna C Heard use specific examples from 3ie-funded studies to show how inaccurate assumptions can have dramatic effects on the value of studies. They state that by funding pilot studies to obtain better information, 3ie hopes to address a number of issues, including assessing whether there is sufficient intervention uptake, verifying whether the expected or minimum detectable effect is reasonable and determining an accurate estimation of the similarity of participants within clusters.

World immunisation week: Improving child immunisation through technologies for engaging communities
In this blog 3ie’s Avantika Bagai and Monica Jain discuss challenges and lessons learned in using technologies to increase community engagement on immunisation based on our Innovations in Increasing Immunisation Evidence Programme. They draw on field visits to study sites and discussions from a mid-term learning workshop. The authors also wrote an opinion piece on evidence-informed strategies for increasing immunisation coverage in India in The Asian Age, a leading national daily.

Moving the debate forward on community-driven development
There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about’- Oscar Wilde. Our recent review of community-driven development is certainly being discussed. Sparked off by Duncan Green’s blog about our synthesis, there has been an active debate about community driven development on social media. The paper’s authors, Howard White and Radhika Menon respond to the debate in this blog.
3ie bids farewell to board commissioner, Gonazalo Hernández Licona
Gonzalo Hernández Licona has recently stepped down after completing the maximum nine years as a board commissioner. He founded Mexico’s National Evaluation Council (CONEVAL), which coordinates the evaluation of the National Social Development Policy, as well as other related policies and programmes. Since 2005, he has led and coordinated CONEVAL’s activities on poverty measurement and assessing social development programmes. He has played a leading role in developing Mexico’s highly regarded evaluation system, which serves as a role model for other governments. He has received multiple awards, including the 2015 Award for Leadership and Social Accountability presented by the Global Partnership for Social Accountability. Gonzalo has contributed his vast experience, ideas and insights to help shape 3ie into what we are today. He is a global champion for evidence-informed decision-making, for promoting strong M&E systems and for the growth and success of 3ie. We thank him profoundly for his valuable guidance, enthusiasm and unstinting support.
3ie in the news
3ie’s Bidisha Barooah presented findings from 3ie’s scoping paper for the Agricultural Risk Evidence Programme at the conference on rural Inequalities organised by the Independent Office of Evaluation of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). A Reuter’s article based on the two-day conference quotes Bidisha, who spoke about the need for more evidence generally in agricultural insurance and in particular for vulnerable people, especially women and children.
New video
Promoting latrine use in rural India
This video provides an overview of this 3ie evidence programme. It contextualises our ongoing work, shares insights from the formative phase on barriers to use and reinforces the need for high-quality evidence to inform programmes and policies.

How to video: French
3ie is translating some of our how-to videos into French and Spanish. In this video, Rosaine Yegbemey, 3ie evaluation specialist offers our video on building a theory of change for an impact evaluation in French.
Bursaries available for GEIS 2018, 22-24 October, Melbourne

3ie is offering two bursaries to attend the Global Evidence and Implementation Summit 2018 (GEIS 2018), 22-24 October in Melbourne, Australia. Expected to reach 700 delegates from 30 countries, GEIS 2018 includes expert panels on generation and use of evidence for effective policy and programming, feature latest evidence synthesis, implementation science research and practice strategies for improving the lives of individuals, families and communities worldwide. The deadline for bursary applications is 1 July 2018. Click here to apply.

Call for Expression of Interest: evaluation of CIFF's energy investment

The Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) is commissioning an evaluation of one of its energy investments. The purpose of this evaluation exercise is to assess the investment’s relevance, effectiveness and impact on energy decarbonisation and energy transitions, with key lessons and recommendations to improve current investments, and investment strategies moving forward. Click here for more details.
Job opportunities at 3ie Job opportunities at other organisations
Evidence impact manager, New Delhi Country director, Francophone West Africa - IPA, Burkina Faso
Consultant, Impact Evaluation Repository, Washington, DC Evidence to Action Officer, International Rescue Committee, New York
Senior evaluation specialist, Washington, DC Evaluator, independent evaluation, Planning, Performance Monitoring, and Evaluation Unit, UNITAR, Geneva
Policy, advocacy and impact editorial associate, 3ie, New Delhi
Research consultants- evidence gap maps, Washington, DC
Research associate, Washington, DC
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