What drives us

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Learn about 3ie's vision, mission, values and our latest strategy that outlines our priorities in the coming years.

Our vision

Improving lives sustainably in low- and middle-income countries through evidence-informed decision-making.

Our mission

3ie promotes evidence-informed equitable, inclusive and sustainable development. We support the generation and effective use of high-quality evidence to inform decision-making and improve the lives of people living in poverty in low- and middle-income countries. We provide guidance and support to produce, synthesise and assure the quality of evidence of what works, for whom, how, why and at what cost.

Our Values

  • Respect
    • We respect human rights and treat everyone with dignity and fairness.
    • We follow ethical and safe research practices that take context into account.
    • We respect employees' and clients' time and value clear and responsive communication.
  • Innovation
    • We strive to be creative, adaptive, flexible and solutions-based in our approach to addressing complex development problems.
    • We balance time-tested approaches with innovation.
    • We are a learning organisation.
  • Quality
    • We develop, use and promote relevant and rigorous research methods.
    • We develop capacity in our employees and L&MIC partners to pursue excellence in research and implementation.
  • Inclusion
    • ·We see strength in diversity and value the knowledge that comes from people’s diverse experiences.
    • We believe in and promote gender equity and have zero tolerance for any form of discrimination.
    • We believe research is a public good that should be accessible to as many people as possible.
  • Co-creation
    • We believe the best solutions come from co-creation. We seek and strengthen partnerships to address complex development problems.
    • We advocate for transparent and stakeholder-responsive practices in the workplace as well as in the evidence community.
    • We are conscious of power imbalances. We promote participatory and engagement-driven research.

Strategy 2021-2023

Our new strategy (2021-2023) responds to the rapid pace of change and the considerable challenges of today and tomorrow. These challenges include not only the ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic but also the many other factors that will transform the planet in the coming decades, socially, economically and politically.

While we have made some changes to how we work and to our strategic objectives, the vision and mission that underpin our work will remain. We believe that improving lives sustainably in low- and middle-income countries through evidence-informed decision-making will be as relevant and vital as ever in the years ahead. To this end, we will continue to support and promote the generation and effective use of high-quality evidence of what works, for whom, why and at what cost.

We have three overarching objectives: (1) Supporting the generation and use of policy-relevant evaluative evidence; (2) Building strategic partnerships and collaborations to drive evidence-informed development; and, (3) Pushing the frontiers of evidence for sustainable and equitable social progress.

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