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As part of our mandate as a knowledge producer and translator for our main audiences, we maintain a range of free online publication series: briefs, impact evaluation reports, systematic review technical and summary reports, replication papers, evidence gap map reports, scoping, and working papers.

Latest publications

Latest publications

Lessons learned from the implementation of the Emergency Program of the Regional Initiative for Sustainable Energy

Learning summary Brief 3ie 2022
This brief shares lessons from the design and implementation of a sustainable energy initiative program implemented by the BOAD across the eight countries that comprise the WAEMU.

Evaluation of IDEA project in Bangladesh: a baseline report

Working paper 3ie 2022
Authors of this report present the findings from a baseline survey of a WorldFish aquaculture project, Increasing income, diversifying diets and empowering women (IDEA) in Bangladesh. This baseline report is part of an ongoing impact evaluation of the project that focuses on the Rajshahi and Rangpur divisions.

A framework for examining women’s economic empowerment in collective enterprises

Working paper 3ie 2022
Women-owned collective enterprises are seen as vehicles for promoting economic empowerment. To assess how collective enterprise-based interventions can lead to empowerment, it's important to understand the pathways to change.

Fiscal policies for healthy diets: Can taxes and subsidies change what you buy?

Systematic review Brief 3ie 2022
While several countries have implemented tax and subsidy policies to support healthy diets, systematic evidence of their impacts is limited, especially in low-and middle-income countries. The authors of this brief summarize the findings of a systematic review on the effects of fiscal policies on diet quality and health.

Effects of women’s empowerment interventions in food systems

Other briefs 3ie 2022
This brief summarizes findings from a rapid evidence assessment of studies on women's empowerment interventions and their effects on nutritional outcomes.

Land tenure formalization and regularization activities in low-income countries

Other briefs 3ie 2022
This brief summarizes the findings of a rapid evidence assessment on land tenure formalization and regularization activities in low-and middle-income countries.

Do performance-based contract models perform?

Other briefs 3ie 2022
This brief summarizes findings from a rapid evidence assessment that synthesizes available rigorous impact evaluations of performance-based contracting in road construction in L&LMIC countries.

Understanding caste-based differences in self help groups: Evidence from India’s NRLM program

Working paper 3ie 2022
Authors of this paper analyze the caste-based differences in office bearer positions, participation and benefits received by women who are members of self-help groups under India’s National Rural Livelihoods Mission.

Treatment as prevention: A replication study on a universal test and treat cluster-randomized trial in South Africa from 2012–2016

Replication paper 3ie 2022

Authors of this paper replicated a landmark study by Iwuji and colleagues (2018) who examined the use of treatment as prevention (TaSP) trials for HIV-positive individuals in rural South Africa.

Incorporating process evaluation into impact evaluation: what, why and how

Working paper 3ie 2022
The authors of this paper lay down guidelines that can provide impact evaluators with tools and ideas on how to explore and add relevant elements of process evaluations to experimental and quasi-experimental impact evaluation designs.