Replication studies

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The Replication Programme has funded 23 replications through four rounds of funding. We track and maintain a list of all 3ie-funded and in-house replication studies, with details on the status of each. Every time a study progresses to a new stage, 3ie updates this list.

Please direct any questions or comments to To learn more upcoming funding opportunities and replication related events, click here.

We are also funding internal replications of influential impact evaluations in HIV Prevention and Financial Services for the Poor

Replication studies

Cash, food, or vouchers?: evidence from a randomized experiment in northern Ecuador

Replication study  
Replication researchers: Stefan Lhachimi
Original paper title:

Cash, Food, or Vouchers? Evidence from a Randomized Experiment in Northern Ecuador

Original researchers: Melissa Hidrobo, John Hoddinott, Amber Peterman, Amy Margolies, Vanessa Moreira
Original publication: Journal of Development Economics
Replication plan:

Lhachimi's replication plan

Current status: Completed Replication Study