Bursaries available for EvalFest 2020 conference, Evidence building for achieving SDGs: digital development and inclusion

3ie is offering three bursaries to support postgraduates and professional staff from India to attend the EvalFest 2020 conference, Evidence Building for Achieving SDGs: Digital Development and Inclusion. The event will be held from 12-14 February 2020 in New Delhi, India. Applicants with a bachelor’s degree and extensive work experience will be considered.

The conference will include sessions on best practices, approaches, evaluation methods and innovations that contribute towards realization of Sustainable Development Goals.

To apply for a 3ie bursary, submit your applications to mmalik@3ieimpact.org with the subject line “Application 3ie bursary / EvalFest 2020 / Your first name and last name.” The deadline for applications has been extended to 22 January 2020. Download and complete the application from here.