Request for Qualifications: Impact evaluations of agriculture and health sector programs in the Philippines

3ie’s Philippines Evidence Program (PEP), formerly known as Policy Window Philippines (PWP – Phase 1), seeks to generate actionable evidence-informed findings to enhance the effectiveness and future scale-up of Philippine government’s flagship programs.
In Phase 1 of the program, 3ie supported four impact evaluations across diverse sectors. The reports are available on 3ie’s website.

As part of Phase 2 of the program, we are working with departments of health and agriculture to better understand the program design, implementation and roll-out to propose impact evaluations that will help answer priority policy questions and inform future scale-up of these flagship programs.


To conduct these impact evaluations, we are inviting individual researchers and/or research or evaluation organizations to submit qualifications as outlined below.

  • Modality 1 – For individual researchers: 3ie is looking to hire Principal Investigators (PI), who have expertise in evaluation of complex government programs in sectors such as agriculture and health, to join the research team that 3ie will put together to carry out the evaluation.
  • Modality 2 – For research/evaluation organizations or consortia: 3ie will award grants to research or evaluation organizations or consortia to conduct impact evaluations, which will be quality assured by 3ie. The selected firm or consortia will be solely responsible for implementing the study in this case and will be accountable for following 3ie processes to ensure the evaluations are policy relevant and of high-quality.

At a glance

  • There are two calls for submitting qualification applications. Modality 1 is for individual researchers only. Modality 2 is for legally registered organizations or consortia of registered organizations.
  • For research organization/consortia, the grant-holding organization and the lead PI may be located anywhere in the world. Preference will be given to organizations that are based in the Philippines and propose local researchers in a lead role.
  • If selected, the applicant organization will be required to submit a full impact evaluation proposal, along with a budget that may include others as sub-grantees or sub-contractors (subject to 3ie’s direct and indirect cost policies).  The selected organizations should also be willing and able to sign 3ie’s full grant agreement.
  • For-profit organizations are eligible to apply and are restricted to the same indirect cost limits as non-profit organizations. They may not charge a fee.

For more information about this call, please read the request for qualifications (RFQ).

How to apply

  1. Download the key documents using the links below:
    To download the full application package, click here. Please review the eligibility and selection criteria in the RFQ carefully before applying.
  2. Answers to all the queries received about the RFQ application process have been compiled in this Q&A document. Please read carefully before applying.
  3. Submit your qualifications by email to using the templates included in the key documents package.

    • For individuals (Modality 1), the subject line should be ‘PEP2 Modality 1 – Individual’
    • For organizations (Modality 2), the subject line should be ‘PEP2 Modality 2 – Organization’

Attachments should not exceed 25 MB. The deadline for submission of qualifications is 10 October 2021.