what we do

We provide technical and management services to implementing agencies, 3ie members, funders and other stakeholders. 3ie responds to competitive tenders for services that we are expert in providing. All of our services benefit from our particular expertise and experience in evidence production and use, which ensure high-quality, on-time and relevant results. For more information services and fees, please contact us at

What we offer

Quality assurance services
3ie provides quality assessment services for impact evaluations, systematic reviews and evidence gap maps being implemented by other providers.
  • 3ie is assessing an impact evaluation on the effects of One Acre Fund’s intervention to increase farmers’ yields and profits in Kenya.
  • 3ie quality assured the evaluation design, field protocols and baseline report of an impact evaluation of the Population Fund of India’s entertainment education programme.
  • 3ie provided advisory and quality assistance support to the Indian Ministry of Rural Development for the National Rural Livelihoods Mission. The scope includes benchmarking best practices and models to develop a management information and outcome monitoring system, quality assuring impact evaluations and conducting a formative assessment of the mission.
  • 3ie supported Innovation for Poverty Action on their impact evaluation of TechnoServe’s regional youth entrepreneurship programme in East Africa, STRYDE 2.0. 3ie is working closely with the research team to finalise the evaluation design and implementation process. This engagement is expected to continue until the evaluation is completed in 2019.
  • 3ie is providing quality assurance to the C&A Foundation’s Organic Cotton Training Programme, implemented by CottonConnect in four states in India: Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh.
  • 3ie has over the years supported Save the Children with comments and advice on impact evaluation protocols for programs in Ethiopia and Bolivia.
  • Since 2015, 3ie has reviewed and provided comments to evaluation designs of programs implemented by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion in Peru.
  • 3ie regularly supports the design of impact evaluations and evaluation strategies at the Government of the City of Buenos Aires.
Independent peer review for large programme evaluation
  • 3ie currently leads a peer review group for an impact evaluation on the Millennium Villages Programme in Ghana, where the mid-term report was extensively discussed and feedback was provided to the research teams.
Advisory services on methodological innovation
  • Working with the Campbell Collaboration and Cochrane, 3ie provided inputs on systematic review methods development to address the risk of bias in impact evaluations.
  • 3ie is providing methodological guidance and support to a George Washington University team working on an evidence gap map on health systems. The evidence gap map is part of a larger priority setting exercise funded by the Gates Foundation.

Evidence gap map services

3ie produces high-quality maps commissioned by clients, all of which we publish on our interactive map platform:

  • 3ie and the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation partnered to produce an evidence gap map (EGM) and report that assess the evidence available on the effects of land-use change and forestry programmes.
  • The Hewlett Foundation commissioned 3ie to produce an EGM and scoping report on adolescent sexual and reproductive health.
  • 3ie and the International Centre for Research in Agroforestry partnered to develop a map on agroforestry, specifically looking at the relationship between enhancing and restoring productivity for smallholder farmers in L&MICs.
  • 3ie produced an EGM and report on forest conservation interventions in L&MICs for the World Wildlife Fund.
  • 3ie trained staff from the South African Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation on evidence mapping. The department and a team at the University of Johannesburg co-produced an evidence map on human settlements.
Impact evaluation services
3ie offers in-house research services for EGM reports, systematic reviews, impact evaluations and scoping studies.
  • ICRAF commissioned 3ie to produce a systematic review of agroforestry interventions.
  • 3ie produced a scoping paper for the Hewlett Foundation on results garnered from the EGM on adolescent sexual and reproductive health.

Capacity development services

3ie offers customised training programmes to build capacity in developing countries in all aspects of the work we do.

  • Under its Policy Window Advanced facility, 3ie has funded the concourse of international experts in impact evaluation for projects led by local researchers and commissioned by public agencies in Colombia and Argentina, supporting the development of capacity in impact evaluation among local researchers.
  • 3ie either trained or coordinated with different organizations the build-up of capacity to develop their own evidence gap maps. Recent work with International Rescue Committee (IRC), CONEVAL in Mexico and soon Catholic Relief Services (CRS) are examples of this line of work.
  • 3ie trained public officials in Peru (80+), Colombia (50+), Argentina (30+), Mexico (50+) and sector specialists at UNICEF (150+) among other organizations in topics that range from the management and commissioning of impact evaluation, to the use and selection of impact evaluation methods and evidence scoping for policy design.
  • 3ie offers customized training programs to evaluation teams, researchers and implementers. Most recently, 3ie provided the London International Development Centre with a short course on impact evaluations, and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine with a training on systematic reviews.
  • We provide trainers for other capacity development courses, such as the short course on impact evaluations offered by the University of East Anglia, the International Programme for Development Evaluation Training and skills-building workshops at major conferences

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