Executive Director's Office

Emmanuel Jimenez Executive Director
Sivesh Kumar Human resource officer
Swarnakshi Luhach Research associate to executive director
Bindu Joy Executive assistant

Advancement and Impact Evaluation Services

Sara Pacque-Margolis Director – Advancement and Impact Evaluation Services
Anna Heard Senior Evaluation Specialist, HIV and AIDS programmes
John Creamer Evaluation specialist
Shayda Sabet Evaluation Specialist
Nancy Diaz Senior Program Manager, HIV and AIDS programmes
Anca Dumitrescu Senior Program Manager
Marie-Eve G Augier Program manager
Scott Neilitz Program Manager
Jorge Miranda Data analyst
Eleanor Dickens Research associate
Brigid Monaghan Operations associate
Anat Berday-Sacks Intern

Evaluation Office

Marie Gaarder Director of the Evaluation Office and Global Director for Innovation and Country Engagement
Francis Rathinam Senior Evaluation Specialist
Neeta Goel Senior Evaluation Specialist
Monica Jain Senior Evaluation Specialist
Bidisha Barooah Evaluation Specialist
Mark Engelbert Evaluation specialist
Stuti Tripathi Evaluation system specialist- NRLM
Tara Kaul Evaluation Specialist
Pooja Sengupta Research associate
Priyanka Dubey Research associate
Ritwik Sarkar Research associate
Sayak Khatua Research associate
Anmol Narain Research assistant
Avantika Bagai Research assistant
Samidha Malhotra Research assistant
Zeba Siddiqui Research assistant
Poonam Vasandani Staff assistant

Policy, Advocacy and Communication Office

Beryl Leach Director – Policy, Advocacy and Communication
Radhika Menon Senior Policy and Advocacy Officer
Durgadas Menon Communication Officer- Dissemination
Kanika Jha Kingra Policy and Evidence Uptake Officer
Tanvi Lal Communication Officer
Deeksha Ahuja Evidence uptake and learning associate
Akarsh Gupta Communication assistant - Database Management
Ananta Seth Policy, advocacy and communication assistant
Pradeep Singh Information, Communication and Technology assistant

Programme, Finance, IT and Administration Office

Hitesh Somani Director - Finance and Administration
Mithlesh Joshi Travel and Administration Manager
Saurabh Khandelwal IT Project Manager
Sibasish Mishra Finance Manager
Gaurav Sharma Senior Finance Officer
Minna Madhok Senior Programme associate
Ditto Joy Programme Officer - Monitoring, Donor Grant Management and Reporting
Leena Bobby Finance officer
Ashima Mohan Programme associate
Asha Gosain Programme associate
Suchi Kapoor Programme associate
Sandeep Rawat Finance assistant
Puneet Arora Finance assistant
Renu Phillips Receptionist

Synthesis and Reviews Office

Hugh Waddington Acting head and senior evaluation specialist
Birte Snilstveit Senior Evaluation Specialist
Ami Bhavsar Programme Manager
Hannah Chirgwin Research associate
Juliette Finetti Research associate
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