Policy Window Advanced

3ie’s Policy Window Advanced (PWA) grants program aims to support agencies that are already commissioning impact evaluations in areas where local capacity of research teams is still developing.

We provide support by financing the part-time work of an international expert advisor to work with a local research team to develop and implement their impact evaluation. We finance the adviser’s part-time work with the team for a period of 8 to 12 months, including field visits to the country where the evaluation is being conducted. These grants are available for 3ie members only.

What is PWA?

We designed PWA to assist members in low-and middle-income countries already commissioning their own impact evaluations, to strengthen the research environment around impact evaluation. The model supports local capacity building by increasing the exposure of local research teams to cutting-edge impact evaluation methods, thus increasing the quantity and quality of policy relevant impact evaluation studies.

Completed evaluations

We worked with 3ie member SINERGIA-DNP, Colombia, to provide expert advisors for three projects in the pilot phase of this programme.

Click on the links below to read the grant summaries for completed programmes.

Evaluation of the Family Social Housing Subsidy Program (225.8 KB)
Evaluation of the health care reform (226.4 KB)
Evaluation of Plan Vive Digital  (126.8 KB)

How does this programme work?

  • A 3ie member submits a request for PWA support and works with our team to discuss the type of advisor they need and the specific programme to be evaluated.
  • An international RFQ process is launched. 3ie and the member review applications from expert advisors and select a candidate based on the objectives and criteria listed.
  • The international expert supports the evaluation design and/or implementation for up to 12 months. This includes at least two visits to the country to discuss details of the programme and its evaluation with the local research team.
  • A report is produced at the end of the advisor’s tenure and results are shared.

Note: PWA funds the time and travel expenses of a part-time expert advisor. It does not finance the impact evaluation or programme implementation.