Do you end up googling “AI for something” every week? You’re certainly not alone. Today, we can use AI-powered apps to summarize information from several academic papers at the click of a button, learn a new coding language in a matter of days, brainstorm ideas for a blog, or even develop conference plans and itineraries. But despite its promise, we have realized there are still quite a few misconceptions about what this technology can and cannot do – especially if you are part of the evaluation community. The latest blog from 3ie’s Data Innovations Group (DIG) clarifies and addresses many of these by sharing what we know so far about generative AI’s capabilities and considerations for implementation, particularly in relation to development research and evaluation work.

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Five key takeaways and reflections on the state of SDG evidence 

SDG report cover

Our latest blog—co-authored with the German Institute for Development Evaluation (DEval) —summarizes the key takeaways from a recent report on the state of effectiveness evidence on interventions across all 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The authors also share reflections on what the state of evidence means for the sustainable development agenda.

The report, funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), draws on evidence from 1990-2022 available in 3ie’s Development Evidence Portal.

Read the blog  | Read the report | Visit 3ie’s Development Evidence Portal
Featured | Open technical questions in geospatial impact evaluations and why they matter

As part of the GeoField community of practice, 3ie, AidData, and DevGlobal co-hosted a virtual workshop to discuss technical issues that arise from integrating earth observation into impact evaluation. A new blog summarises the opportunities and complexities and provides some ideas on how to address key challenges when conducting geospatial evaluations. If you are interested in knowing more about 3ie’s work in this area, write to us at

Read the blog | Read the post event report
Book cover

Book Chapter | Theories of Change in Reality – Strengths, Limitations and Future Directions

For over 50 years, evaluators have used theories of change to articulate the causal logic underpinning how an intervention is intended to bring about a desired change. In a new book, Theories of Change in Reality, 30 of the world’s leading evaluators and program theorists share their reflections on the strengths, limitations and future directions. 3ie Executive Director, Marie Gaarder has a contributed a chapter, reflecting on 3ie’s balloon-squeezing’ approach to the theory of change. This book, published by Routledge, has been edited by Andrew Koleros, Marie-Hélène Adrien, Tony Tyrrell.

This book and all its chapters are free to download and read thanks to support of the IKEA Social Entrepreneurship.

Read the full book | Read the chapter on 3ie’s approach


Upcoming events

Several of our partners are organizing evidence-focused events in the coming months. We are sharing a list here and will provide updates on 3ie's participation soon.  Please visit our events webpage for more information.

Africa Evidence Week | 19-23 August 2024 | Virtual
The Africa Evidence Network is hosting a virtual evidence week, to showcase and promote the state of evidence-informed decision-making (EIDM) on the continent, specifically highlighting the contribution of young and emerging leaders in African EIDM. Read more

Asian Evaluation Week | 2-5 September | Shanghai
Asian Development Bank's Independent Evaluation Group, and the Asia Pacific Finance and Development Institute are organizing the Asian Evaluation Week 2-5 September in Shanghai, China and the theme is “Innovations for Influential Evaluation.” Read more

Global Evidence Summit | 10-13 September | Prague
Cochrane, JBI, GIN and the Campbell Collaboration are jointly hosting the second Global Evidence Summit from 10-13 September in Prague, Czech Republic. The objective is to provide a multi-disciplinary and cross-cultural platform to exchange ideas about how best to produce, summarize and disseminate evidence to inform policy and practice, and using that evidence to improve people’s lives across the world. Read more

15th European Evaluation Biennial Conference | 23-27 September 2024 | Rimini
The European Evaluation Society’s conference on the theme ‘Better Together: Collaborative thought and action for better evaluation’ will be held from 23 to 27 September in Rimini, Italy. The conference will explore how collaboration can be more effective, transformative evaluation, and social change. This event offers a timely opportunity to leverage the diverse experience of the EES community to reframe evaluation and promote positive impact.
Read more

8th National Evaluation Capacities Conference (NEC 2024) | 14-18 October | Beijing
The UNDP Independent Evaluation Office is organizing the 8th National Evaluation Capacities Conference (NEC 2024) in Beijing 14-18 October on the theme “Responsive Evaluation: For Government, For Inclusion, For the Future.” This conference is co-hosted by the China International Development Cooperation Agency (CIDCA), and in collaboration with the Global Evaluation Initiative (GEI). 
Read more

Past events

What Works Climate Solutions Summit | 9–12 June 2024, Berlin

3ie staff participated in several panel discussions and presentations at the What Works Climate Solutions Summit in June.


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Senior Research Fellow

Johannes  Linn3ie’s Senior Research Fellows Program includes experts from various sectors – including development, evaluation, policy as well as academia. This month, we feature Johannes Linn, who is an economist and currently a non-resident senior fellow at the Brookings Institution. Linn is also a distinguished resident scholar of the Emerging Markets Forum and senior advisor at the Results for Development Institute (R4D). He has worked at the World Bank during 1973-2003. Read more

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