New evidence on peacebuilding from Sudan

Our latest impact evaluation has new evidence on the effectiveness of peacebuilding projects supported by the UN Secretary General’s Peacebuilding Fund in Darfur, Sudan. In partnership with the International Security and Development Center, 3ie evaluated projects that focused on reducing land conflict and improving service delivery in the Assalaya-Sheiria-Yassin Triangle in East Darfur. Through rigorous data collection and analysis, our evaluation shows a reduced number of land conflicts in targeted areas, increased school enrolment, and improved perceptions of service provision.

We launched the report as part of the inaugural event hosted by the Peacebuilding Impact Hub housed at the UN Political and Peacebuilding Affairs. Richard Arbeiter, Deputy Permanent Representative of Canada, and Elizabeth Spehar, Assistant Secretary-General for Peacebuilding Support were key speakers.

Workshop: Following the launch, 3ie, ISDC, and the Peacebuilding Support Office (PBSO) facilitated a one-and-a-half-day evaluation training for UN agencies, funds, programs, and member states. The team's virtual training for Sudan partners and in-person training in Guatemala City have provided practical, hands-on instruction on planning and conducting impact evaluations, drawing examples from the real ongoing impact evaluations in those contexts. 

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USAID signs the Global Evidence Commitment 

USAID signs the Global Evidence Commitment 

We are excited to share that USAID joined the 3ie-initiated Global Evidence Commitment (GEC) as its seventh signatory at the opening session of the annual Agency’s Learning and Evidence Month. 3ie Executive Director Marie Gaarder moderated a discussion with leaders from the signatory organizations on their efforts to improve the evidence culture and use of evidence in decision-making. Key takeaways from the panel:

  • The need to see evidence as a “team sport” – it will not be useful until the people you are working with know and understand it as well
  • The pledge goes a long way in helping those within institutions who are making efforts to show how important evidence and its use are
  • The promise of transparency and accountability rooted in the pledge is key for public organizations and drives action within such organizations
  • TRIPS offers a powerful framework and using its five levers gives organizations a lot of strength

The Global Evidence Commitment was launched in October 2023 as a collaborative effort to improve evidence culture across the sector and illustrate the importance of its far-reaching impacts.

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Featured | Announcing our guide to using the TRIPS framework

TRIPS Framework

To help like-minded organizations use 3ie’s TRIPS framework, i.e., training, resources, incentives, processes, and signals – we have developed a guidance note. This note provides an easy-to-use roadmap for organizations to adopt measures that can strengthen their evidence culture in a sustainable way. The guidance also provides a host of examples of measures taken by leading organizations that align with the core principles underlying the framework.

Since we first introduced the framework in 2022, 3ie has used it to inform initiatives like the Global Evidence Commitment, and it has resonated with several of our partners in the international development community. If you would like to discuss this further, write to us at:

Read the blog | Read the guidance note

Featured | Leveraging 3ie’s Development Evidence Portal for regional and sectoral insights

3ie’s Development Evidence Portal (DEP) is home to effectiveness evidence that is spread across more than 13000 impact evaluations, more than 1100 systematic reviews and over 35 evidence gap maps. The repository is a rich source of insight on several key development challenges and interventions to address them. Here are a few ways in which we have gathered and shared learning around key regions and development sectors:

  • Summarising the state of effectiveness evidence across the SDG agenda – in which we spotlight the need to prioritize evidence in neglected SDGs even after the 2030 agenda.
  • Insights from the Middle East and North Africa – in which we emphasize the drop in local inputs in studies.
  • Trends in impact evaluations across Sub-Saharan Africa – where we focus on country-wide distribution and dominant interventions.
  • Unveiling trends in impact evaluations across Latin America and the Caribbean – underscoring the lagging biodiversity studies.

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Funding | Apply now to conduct a systematic review on the impact of climate change on railway operations in Turkey (deadline extended)

We have extended the deadline to submit applications to conduct a systematic review on the impact of climate change on railway operations in Turkey. Interested organizations or consortia can submit applications till 10 June! Read the call for proposals and supporting documents here.

This funding opportunity is part of the new Research Commissioning Centre established by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) and led by 3ie and the University of Birmingham. If you are interested in receiving updates about the Centre, please sign up here.

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3ie at the gLocal Evaluation Week | 3-7 June 2024 | Online
The 2024 gLocal Evaluation Week, convened by the Global Evaluation Initiative (GEI), is a unique knowledge-sharing event, connecting a global community of people across sectors and regions. This year, gLocal's theme will focus on how evaluation can contribute to transformational change in two key ways, by enhancing (policy) stakeholders’ understanding of this process and by providing a platform to advocate for policy solutions that are more likely to contribute to it. 3ie will be participating in many sessions.

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Past events

Sexual and reproductive health and rights in L&MICs – an Evidence Gap Map | 17 April 2024 | Online
In this launch of 3ie’s latest Evidence Gap Map on Sexual and reproductive health and rights in L&MICs, panelists discussed existing evidence and evidence gaps about interventions to support family planning, maternal and newborn care, sexual and reproductive health and choice, addressing gender-based violence, and access to SRHR information and services in L&MICs. The EGM finds a significant and growing evidence base from which decision-makers can draw.
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Teaching critical thinking about health: impacts and implications | 25 April 2024 | Online
In this 3ie Evidence Dialogues webinar, we discussed the results of impact evaluations of an educational intervention to improve secondary students’ ability to think critically about health in Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda. 3ie’s Evidence for Policy and Learning Director Thomas Kelly chaired the session. A presentation of the results of randomized trials and process evaluations was followed by a panel on implications and lessons learned from this research, and discussion around the importance of critical thinking for international development in and beyond healthcare.
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Geo4Dev Workshop: Woody Cover Estimation in Brazil using Synthetic Aperture Radar | 3 May 2024 | In-person
A joint initiative between CEGA, New Light Technologies, and 3ie, Geo4Dev recently hosted a workshop series that featured novel applications of geospatial analysis and how they can help inform social science and public policy-related questions.

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3ie’s Senior Research Fellows Program includes experts from various sectors – including development, evaluation, policy as well as academia. This month, we feature Gonzalo Hernández Licona, the director of the Multidimensional Poverty Peer Network (MPPN-OPHI). Gonzalo also works with UNICEF on country-led evaluations. Prior to this, Gonzalo was the executive secretary of the National Council for the Evaluation of Social Policy (CONEVAL).  Read more

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